Commission of Inquiry Into Matters Releating to the Death of Neil Stonechild



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Part 1 Introduction
Overview of the Facts
bullet Part 2 Creation of the Inquiry
The Public Inquiries Act
Terms of Reference
Minister’s Press Release
Standing and Funding Guidelines
Rules of Practice and Procedure
bullet Part 3 The Objectives of a Commission of Inquiry and the Standard Applicable to Inquiries

bullet Part 4 The Evidence
  1. The Stonechild Family
    Stella Bignell (Stonechild)
    Debra Mason
    Jerry Mason
    Marcel Stonechild
    Erica Stonechild
  2. Stonechild Acquaintances and Other Civilian Witnesses
    Patricia Pickard
    Gary Pratt
    Jason Roy
    Tracy Lee Horse
    Cheryl Antoine
    Julie Binning
    Lucille Horse (Neetz)
    Gary Horse
    Trent Ewart
    Bruce Genaille
    Diana Fraser
    Brenda Valiaho
    Richard Harms
    Larry Flysak
  3. The Saskatoon Police Service in 1990
    A Brief History of the Saskatoon Police Service
    The Organization of the Saskatoon Police Service in 1990
    Departments and Divisions
    Command Structure
  4. The Saskatoon Police Service Officers Dispatched to Snowberry Downs
    Police Records for November 24/25, 1990
    Constable Lawrence Hartwig
    Constable Bradley Senger
  5. The Investigation by Saskatoon Police Service
    The Saskatoon Police Service Investigation File
    Rene Lagimodiere
    Staff Sergeant Michael Petty
    Sergeant Gregory Robert
    Robert Morton
    Keith Jarvis
    James Allan Brooks
    Sergeant Douglas Neil Wylie
    Constable Geoffrey Brand
    Raymond Pfeil
    Glen Clayton Winslow
    James Edward Drader
    Theodore Hugh (Bud) Johnson
    Constable Ernie Louttit
    Bruce Bolton
    Eli Tarasoff
    David Scott
    Dave Wilton
    Frank Simpson
    Murray Montague
    Joe Penkala
    James Maddin
    Constable Brett Maki
  6. The Saskatoon Police Service at the Present Day
    Staff Sergeant Murray Zoorkan
    Deputy Chief Daniel Wiks
  7. The RCMP Investigation of The Death Of Neil Stonechild
    Chief Superintendent Darrell McFadyen
  8. The Expert Evidence – Forensic and Medical Witnesses
    Dr. Brian Fern
    Dr. Jack Adolph
    Dr. Graeme Dowling
    Dr. Emma Lew
  9. The Expert Evidence – Photogrammetric Evidence
    Gary Robertson
  10. The Expert Evidence – Memory Experts
    John Steven Richardson, Ph.D.
    Dr.William James (Jim) Arnold
    Dr. John Charles Yuille
bullet Part 5 Overview of the Evidence
  1. The Events of November 24/25, 1990
  2. The Discovery and Identification of the Body of Neil Stonechild
  3. The Investigation of the Death of Neil Stonechild,
    November 29, 1990 – December 5, 1990
  4. Missed Opportunities – December 1990 – March 1991
    Investigation File Supervision
    Internal Complaints within the Saskatoon Police Service
    External Complaints in the Press
  5. The Sudden Death of Neil Stonechild Revisited –February 2000
    The Media
    The RCMP Investigation
  6. The Saskatoon Police Service – Then and Now
    Organization and Operation of the Plainclothes Division
    Breakdown in the Chain of Command
    The Need for Racial and Cultural Diversity in the Saskatoon Police Service
    Responsiveness to Complaints
  7. Final Comments
bullet Part 6 Summary of Findings
bullet Part 7 Recommendations
bullet Acknowledgements
bullet Appendices
  1. Commissioner
  2. Commission Counsel and Staff
  3. Backgrounder
  4. Opening Remarks
  5. Undertaking of Party/Witness
  6. Undertaking of Counsel
  7. Witness List A
  8. List of Public Exhibits A
  9. Parties to the Commission and Counsel
Selected Exhibits
  1. Aerial Photograph of Area Where Body Located
    Exhibit P-42 A
  2. Aerial Photograph Including 7-Eleven, Snowberry Downs, Milton Street
    Exhibit P-4
  3. Handwritten Statement of Jason Roy
    Exhibit P-6
  4. Declaration of Coroner
    Exhibit P-46
  5. Autopsy Report dated January 30, 1991 by Jack Adolph
    Exhibit P-49
  6. Selected Photographs Taken at the Scene of Location of Body
    Exhibit P-29
  7. Selected Post-Mortem Photographs
    Exhibit P-28
  8. Autopsy Report dated July 3, 2001 by Dr. Graeme Dowling
    Exhibit P-31
  9. Saskatoon Police Service Investigation File
    Exhibit P-61
  10. StarPhoenix Articles dated March 4, 1991 and February 22, 2000
    Exhibit P-1
    Exhibit P-72
  1. Summary of Oral Rulings
    Disclosure to Non-Clients
    Pre-Hearing Conference
    Objections in the Course of the Hearings and Requests for Adjournments
    Ruling as to In-Camera Hearing and Publication Bans, Aug 25, 2003
    Ruling as to Hearsay Evidence
    Admissibility of Evidence of Incidents of Police Transporting and Dropping Persons Off at Places Other Than Detention Centre
    Objections to Evidence of Unrelated Police Misconduct
    Qualifications of Gary Robertson
    Scope of Questioning of Expert Witness
    Application to Call Various Witnesses
    Objections to Qualifications of Dr. James Arnold
    Interference With Witness
    Second Application to Call Additional Witnesses
    The Cross-Examination on Wire-tap Evidence
    Directions on Closing Submissions
  2. Formal Written Rulings
    Ruling on Standing and Funding – May 13, 2003
    Ruling on Application of Jason Roy – June 13, 2003
    Ruling on Application for Funding for Alternate Counsel for Stella Bignell – June 25, 2003
    Ruling as to Removal of Counsel for the FSIN – July 2, 2003
    Ruling as to Polygraph Evidence – Sept 4, 2003
    Ruling on Application of Keith Jarvis for Standing and Funding – Sept 26, 2003
    Ruling on Applications on Behalf of the Saskatoon Police Association – Oct 7, 2003
    Ruling on Various Applications for Additional Funding – Oct 8, 2003
    Ruling on Jason Roy’s Second Application for Standing and Funding – Oct 8, 2003
    Ruling on Application for Standing and Funding by Gary Pratt – Nov 28, 2003
    Ruling on Application for Additional Funding – March 18, 2004
    Ruling on Application for Standing and Funding by Deputy Chief Daniel Wiks – May 11, 2004

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