Commission of Inquiry Into Matters Releating to the Death of Neil Stonechild



  1. The Commission of Inquiry appointed pursuant to this Order will have the responsibility to inquire into any and all aspects of the circumstances that resulted in the death of Neil Stonechild, and the conduct of the investigation into the death of Neil Stonechild for the purpose of making findings and recommendations with respect to the administration of criminal justice in the province of Saskatchewan. The Commission shall report its findings and make such recommendations as it considers advisable.

  2. The Commission shall perform its duties without expressing any conclusion or recommendation regarding the civil or criminal responsibility of any person or organization, and without interfering in any ongoing police investigation related to the death of Neil Stonechild or any ongoing criminal or civil proceeding.

  3. The Commission shall complete its inquiry and deliver its final report containing its findings, conclusions and recommendations to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General. The report must be in a form appropriate for release to the public, subject to The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and other laws.

  4. The Commission shall have the power to hold public hearings but may, at the discretion of the commissioner, hold some proceedings in camera.

  5. The Commission shall, as an aspect of its duties, determine applications by those parties, if any, or those witnesses, if any, to the public inquiry that apply to the Commission to have their legal counsel paid for by the Commission, and further, determine at what rate such Counsel shall be paid for their services.


   2003   The Wright Commission